Why You'll It 


The Boss  It

  • It's FREE to install and get started

  • Incorporates a Track & Trace system which ensures your compliance with government requirements

  • No menu printing costs

  • Increase hourly transactions

  • Increase in Average Transaction Value, proven that customers ​​add more extras when self-ordering on our devices

  • Ability to instantly change your menu, even during service. This is super powerful, allowing you change prices and add new dishes mid service to minimise wastage and maximise profit

  • Targeted promotions can be added instantly and pushed to the tables

  • 'Specials Board' already incorporated in your digital menu

  • Immediately remove items from the menu when you've sold out

  • Impulse Buys = Increased Revenue

  • Loyalty promotions easily added to get your customers to keep coming back

  • Be fully COVID-19 compliant and reassure customers by ticking the 'Distance Ordering' government requirement

  • Use in designated areas or throughout your business

Happy Coffee

Customers  It

  • It's FREE for them to use

  • No uncomfortable queuing at the bar

  • Single guests don't risk losing their table whilst at the bar ordering

  • No need to leave children, dogs or possessions unattended

  • Allows customers to see everything your business has to offer

  • Encourages impulse buying

  • Quick and simple to use

  • More time socialising with friends or family without having to leave to go to the bar 

  • User friendly for those with a disability or mobility issues

  • Reassurance that your establishment takes customer safety seriously by complying with government Covid-19 social distancing and Track & Trace requirements

  • Increases customer loyalty - reward schemes available to earn bonuses